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Over the Wall Read an Excerpt B&N
Harlequin NASCAR
ISBN: 0373185235

Over the Wall
by Dorien Kelly
June 2009

An Excerpt

Nathan pulled in next to Stacy’s car. Luckily, the ancient thing was once again the only vehicle in the lot, so he didn’t have to navigate the diplomatic minefield of “How did you know this was my car?”

“Well,” Stacy said, “Thank you for thinking of including me tonight. I’m sure I’ll feel so much more at ease at Darlington because you did.”

Then why was that note of forced joviality back in her voice?

“You’re welcome,” he said. “It was a pleasure for everyone you met, I’m sure.”

“Yes... Well...” She was looking around in a distracted sort of way. “You know, I could have sworn I set my purse on the console between us.”

“I put the top back up, so we know it didn’t blow out. It probably slipped behind our seats,” he said.

“Oh, right...”

She scooted a little closer to look behind his seat at the same time he was moving in her direction to check behind hers. The when of that kiss became immediately obvious to Nathan.


He settled his left hand on her shoulder. She stilled. He came even closer, and she didn’t move away, though even in the very dim light he could see doubt on her face. Nathan brushed his mouth against hers, a fleeting kiss that would give her the chance to retreat.

But she didn’t.

He kissed her again, and all he could think about was the softness of her lips, pliable beneath his own. When kissing like this, there could be no misunderstanding, only mutual pleasure. And, damn, this felt like an oasis in his arid life.

She drew a choppy little breath and pulled marginally away. And that’s the end of paradise, Nathan thought.

Except it wasn’t.

She came closer and nipped at his lower lip so gently that at first he thought he might have imagined it, except she did it again. He might be slow, but he could take a hint.

Nathan kissed her for all that he was worth. He kissed her to lose his past and live only in this moment. Her mouth was sweet, far better than the confections that the Grossos had served. Those, he could pass up. This, he never could. He cupped the base of her skull, letting his fingers play in the silk of her hair. And he kissed her as though he never planned to stop.

Which he didn’t.

Stacy, however, finally pulled away and leaned her head against the seat, her breath coming as harshly and quickly as his in the close confines of the car. From that, he could take the scant comfort that she’d been as aroused as he. Not quite as good as a kiss that continued forever, but enough.

“This was a mistake,” she said. “A huge mistake.”

Or maybe not comfort enough, after all.

“Why?” he asked, surprised that he could get the word past the need still gripping him.

“Oh, for a million reasons, starting with the fact that you’re my boss.”


Her chin hitched up a notch. “I choose to take that as meaning because you’ll soon be heading back north.”

Again, that disconnect. But at least he’d found one way that they communicated very well, indeed.

“Yes, I was referring to my job, not yours,” he said.

“Good thing. And before we misunderstand each other again, I’ll leave you to figure out the rest of those million reasons why this was bad.” With that, she scrambled from his car and flung herself into her own.

As Nathan waited for her to start her car and leave the lot, he tried to calculate how long it would take him to come up with those million reasons. In this case, the word forever came to mind. Because for each of those million reasons why kissing Stacy might be bad, he could come up with a million more for why he planned to make it happen again.


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Copyright 2013 Dorien Kelly.

Photo Credit: Marty Corn Photography