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Summer On Seeker's Island It’s the time of year when a good beach (or lake...or backyard) read is indispensable. I got together with nine of my New York Times bestselling author friends to bring you ten short stories set on sultry Seeker’s Island, Florida. But because there’s nothing I love better than a good Irishman, the hero and heroine of my story are from Castlequin, County Kerry, Ireland! In “Charmed,” find out whether goldsmith Siobhan O’Brien is quite ready to let another male from the Scanlon clan into her life. To learn more, visit Seeker’s Island at

The Ballymuir Series The Ballymuir Series is once again available, this time in e-book form! These novels are set in the green Irish countryside, where secrets run deep and passion even deeper. I have updated the first three novels in the series from their original print publications, and it was a labor of love! I’m thrilled to be back in Ballymuir. Expect more in this series in 2013!

The Last Bride in Ballymuir
This Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist has already become a Kindle bestseller!  READ MORE >

The Boldest Man in Ballymuir   READ MORE >
The Brightest Flame in Ballymuir   READ MORE >
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Tiny Treats
viagra lilly usaA special treat this holiday season — a free Ballymuir story!

Pick up your free copy of Tiny Treats for a visit to O’Connor’s Pub on Christmas Eve. And when you’re finished visiting Ballymuir, visit the worlds created by twenty-four other authors. Free for a limited time!


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